Unlocked Phones. Made Better.

You feel the difference in an instant.

It sits heavy in your palm. Your fingers brush against smooth, polished edges. A sudden flash, and vivid colors tantalize your eyes. You squeeze tighter.

Your eyes widen. Your heartbeat quickens. You glance at the price tag.

And then you can’t stop smiling.

Since 2012, NUU Mobile has been helping people smile all across the world. From London to Hong Kong to Miami, we pursue a single goal with tireless passion and creativity.

Better smartphones, better prices.

If you’re a little skeptical — good. This is what everyone says. After a while, all the boastful claims start to sound the same.

And you find yourself thinking:

Prove it.

We love a good challenge. So here goes.

Why are our smartphones better?

Each one is designed from scratch and built in our own factories. Each one gets free over-the-air updates. Each one is protected by a two-year warranty.

Why are our prices better?

No lengthy contracts. No expensive repairs or replacements. No secretly-exorbitant installment plans.

We think you’ll love our smartphones. But maybe you’re still wondering.

And that’s great, because there’s an easier way to discover the NUU Mobile difference.

Feel it for yourself.

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